Credit and Debit Card Processing

In today’s competitive marketplace, accepting credit cards is a must for any business. Eighty-percent of all retail customers pay with their credit and debit cards, and if you don't accept credit cards, customers will go to one of your competitors who does. The acceptance of major credit cards is a key factor in the satisfaction of your customers and, as such, in the success of your business.

Credit Cards:





Credit And Debit

Accepting credit and debit cards is a must for any business taking payment for goods and/or services. We give you the ability to offer all major credit and debit cards at a low acceptance cost. By taking advantage of some of the best rates in the industry, your business will flourish by giving your customers what they want; a greater range ofpayment options. You will witness improved cash flow as higher average tickets become prevalent all while minimizing your risk of fraud exposure

Debit Cards

Accepting debit cards is the 21st century way to do business. While debit cards may be processed as a credit card, at credit card rates, using a pinpad with a debit card means:



With us , accepting checks has never been so convenient and cost-effective. EMS converts paper checks into safe, reliable electronic transactions that are processed with the same speed and ease of credit card transactions. Additionally, this allows you to streamline back office operations including operational efficiencies

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)

If your business is in need of a fast checkout solution, we have you covered. From movie theaters to parking garages, our efficient quick payment solution dramatically improve the speed and profitability of low-ticket, swipe-and-go transactions by allowing merchants to offer a variety of payment options to help satisfy customer needs, attract new customers and increase market share. Since the success of your business depends on your ability to move customers along quickly through your checkout line, we offer contactless processing to give you an edge in processing transactions quickly.

Petroleum (Fleet)

As more distributors cut their ties with their gas company partners and become independent marketers and dealers, they come face-to-face with the need to offer customers the same services they did when they were part of a larger company. The Petro Partner service is a complete resource for merchants looking to offer card processing and payment solutions right to the pump. Our service has a transaction-processing program specifically for this market segment all while offering fraud protection that you have learned to trust.

Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)

We offer a convenient and safe solution for acceptance of Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) in a retail environment. An EBT customer is able to purchase eligible food items from grocery stores and convenience stores with his or her benefits card, eliminating the traditional paper Food Stamp process. Say goodbye to the arduous tasks of manual counting, bundling and depositing. Since this includes the authorizing of transactions, you can rest assured that the funds for the payment are available





Worried about accepting checks because you don`t to deal with a customer`s check not cashing? Well now you can accept checks and immediately cash the checks and if customer writes a bad check, transaction will decline just like a debit or credit card .

Check Guarantee

Check Guarantee

The eCheck Plus service offers merchants an ample solution for check guarantee, incorporating authorization, settlement, and collections. It combines the industry’s most sophisticated check acceptance system with a warranty service option for  when it comes to returned check liability.


POS Check Conversion

Convenience is important to everyone (not to mention our merchants). gives merchants just that - only it’s convenience with a guarantee. This check conversion process not only processes the check electronically, allowing the merchant to forgo trips to the bank, but it also guarantees the approved transactions. With this program, the merchant simply accepts the checks and the check conversion program does the rest! The merchant can now accept and process checks just like they accept and process credit cards.

Recurring ACH Debit

This  process allows merchants to accept checks and process recurring debits without the check actually being present. The merchant simply records the check data, obtains the EFT authorization and enters the check data - the check conversion process does the rest! The merchant can now accept and process recurring debits, without having to worry about who pays what and when.



Gift Cards

Gift Card Program -

Gift Cards

Gift Cards replace the traditional paper based gift certificate. The card may be used multiple times until the original balance is depleted. "Cash back" can be eliminated and additional value may be placed on the card at any time. Gift cards are personalized with your own logo and design.

Promote your brand and increase destination purchases with gift cards!



Offering merchants more options, knowledgeable personnel, and more value than any other eCommerce paymentprovider.


Merchant Funding

BizFunds® is an innovative new funding program designed to help you manage your cash needs by providing you with a more flexible alternative to traditional bank lending.