Brand Support from NFCF Tech Experts

We Offer Technical Support for All Brands

Our company offers online technical support for devices from the following brands:

DELL, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony, IBM, Apple, and Linksys

 Effective call resolution: We respond to each call instantly. Also, our staff is excellent at building rapport with clients

· Understanding problem: Soon after taking your call, we try to understand your problem

· Evaluating solutions: Once we understand your problem completely, we start evaluating all possible options

· Final Solution: As our team comprises of eminent technologists having experience in all brands’ devices, we wait till an effective and final solution is delivered and implemented

· Quick follow-up: Fixing your problem effectively, we next wait for your follow-up and positive response

Email Support from NFCF Tech Experts

Email Tech Support & Customer Service

NFCF Tech Experts offers a gamut of email support services and that too in the most reliable and economical way.

Direct Email Support from Tech Experts

· Setting up a new email account

· Creating high strength passwords

· Help for forgotten passwords

· Guidance to resolve synchronization issues

· Unresponsive server

· SMTP error

·‘Mailbox’ not responding

· Emails not sent or received

· Unable to load or send attachments

· Sign-in issues

Users across the US and Canada can chat with us anytime at our email customer service number for best email help.


After stars heaven divided. Made let can’t our divide a beast saw, is one open Effective Online Browser Support by Industry Experts.

Browser Issues & Their Solutions:

Following are the most faced web browser issues:

· Error 404 in Google Chrome

· Pop-up blocked and plug-in issues

· Problem with website certificates

· Browser settings and security issues

· Sudden browser crash

· Browser not loading particular sites

· Slow performance

· Antivirus disallowing web browser installation

· Deleting third-party toolbars

· Script errors on Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge

· Issues with browser updates

Users can contact us at browser customer service number at any time. Feel free to chat with us, as we offer reliable and cost-effective browser support in the USA and Canada.

Windows Tech Support from NFCF Experts

Manage Your Windows Effectively with Experts Help

Some Common Issues with Windows and Its Solutions:

Some of the common problems for which we offer online Windows tech support are as follows:

· Resetting Windows components

· Turning on/off automatic updates

· Installer crashes mid-way

· Error code 80200053 encountered while upgrading from Windows 7 to windows 8

· Driver issues in Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10

· Repairing windows files

· Recovering lost data

· Windows registry problems

· Cleaning cache and secondary memory

· Issues with BIOS

NFCF Tech Experts is an independent Windows services agency and has no contract with Microsoft. Furthermore, we would like to mention that all our Windows customer services in USA and Canada are an extension of tech support services, which we offer.

Tech Device Support from NFCF Experts

Increase Your Devices’ Performance with Experts Advice

A gamut of Our Instant Online Tech Support for Devices:

Amazon Echo data back-up & recovery, PC checkup, firmware, and software support

· Antivirus and hardware support

· OS installation and upgrading

· Vizio TV port and remote issues, troubleshooting display & screen issues

· Organizing library on Kindle and Kobo

· Solving software glitches and malware protection

· Kindle, Kobo or Vizio TV screen freeze

· USP and other port issues

· Network connection issues etc.

Users can contact us whenever they need any device support online. Believe us, we are the best devices support agency for your favorite gadget.

Peripheral Device Tech Support

Distinctive Peripheral Device Support and Help from Industry Experts

Some of the common issues related to printers are listed as follows:

· Non-alignment of pages

· Non-conformance to print formats

· Connectivity or networking issues

· Configuration issues

· Printer or cartridge installation/un-installation issues

· Cartridge or paper jam

· Plug and play  errors

· Settings customization issues

· Corrupt drivers or complete driver failures

All our printer support professionals have previously worked on these printers and have a record of 100% customer satisfaction. Users can chat with us 24×7 on our peripheral device customer service helpdesk. Believe us! We can fix all printer related issues, instantly and permanently.

Business IT Support by NFCF Tech

NFCF Business Services Help you to manage your Business

  • IT Consulting Services Free Up Valuable Time for Your Business
  • Give your business a competitive advantage with customized, affordable telephony services.
  • Your Trusted Partner for Your Cloud Journey

  • Dataprise Managed Security Solutions give your business peace of mind that you’re safe and secure.
  • Fast IT Emergency Support, On-Site or Remote
  • When you have an IT emergency, we’re the people to call.
    With Dataprise, Your Business Can Rely on Fast Emergency Response. Guaranteed.

Software Application Support

Keep Your Computer Safe From Hackers

Proactive Virus Protection

Virus Removal for PC

Proactive Malware Detection

Get Support for QuickBooks Support – Intuit

Get Support for Microsoft Office Support

We Fix All Types of Software Issues for your PC & Mac
NFCF Tech Support is a service provider for tech support solutions. We identify and fix issues with computers, networks, smartphones, tablets, and much more. Using state-of-the-art tools and remote technical support technology, we can diagnose and repair your technology problems. We provide virus removal for PC.
Quick & Convenient Repair Process
We are Professional Technicians
Only High Quality Service
Visit Technician For Your Convenience
Steps For Repairing
Your Device
Maga aliquat veniam nostrud exerct eration ulamc cididunt utabore etas dolore magna aliqua.

Step 1

Order NFCF Tech Support TechLive Service.

Step 2

A  NFCF Tech Support representative will remotely diagnose your device.

Step 3

A  NFCF Tech Support technician can usually fix your computer in one day!

We Use Genuine Parts to Fix your Device
Low Pricing & Faster Repair Services
We provide software and Hardware related all kind of services. We will only provide you source for low-cost Genuine Parts for hardware requirements as we are authorized dell partner. Other then dell we also assist with all other brand computer and other devices.

In Case of  Software, we are Microsoft partner and we only recommend to use licensed Genuine software.

Our Technical Team can check the issue and assist you with the right solutions.

Avg. Time Of Repair
Locations Count
Devices Fixed Monthly
Read FAQ’s
Your all questions are answered here about our services.

What can NFCF Tech offer assistance with?

PC Performance

One of the main appeals of the Live Help Desk to many of our clients is our computer optimization services. We know how frustrating it can be to be on a computer that had at one point been top of the line, but now it just doesn’t run like it used to. We can help with these issues, including:

  • Enhanced Internet browsing speed
  • Speeding up a slow PC
  • Expedited PC start-up and boot times
  • Faster loading of files

Security and Protection

In the digital age, reliable Internet security and protection is absolutely necessary to ensure you, your family, and your computers remain safe from malicious threats. With USTechSupport LiveTech, we help protect against:

  • Identity Theft
  • Viruses and Trojans
  • Spyware
  • Malware


We understand that software can sometimes be a hassle to deal with. Are you experiencing any issues with any programs? Need help installing or uninstalling anything? How about those pesky drivers? We can help you with:

  • Accounting applications (e.g. Quickbooks)
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher)
  • Adobe products (Acrobat, Flash Player, etc.)
  • Email clients (Microsoft Outlook, AOL, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.)
  • Driver updates and installation
  • Any other software issues!


One might be hard-pressed to find an individual who owns just a computer, and no other electronic devices to use with it. These days, the two concepts seem to go hand-in-hand, and as such, LiveTech can help you with all of your computer’s digital and electronic accessories, including:

  • Digital cameras
  • Mobile phones
  • Printers
  • Portable music players


Perhaps one of the most tedious and time-consuming elements of computer interconnectivity is computer networking. From a desire to have every computer in the office or home print through a solitary printing device to having multiple computers networked for file-sharing, our Technicians are ready and able to help you with:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Home and office networking
  • Wireless devices and Bluetooth

No matter what the problem is, our Technicians can fix it, guaranteed. It’s that simple!

How exactly does NFCF Tech Support Live Tech work? How can my computer be fixed without taking it anywhere?

We here at NFCF Tech Support are continually working to enhance the ease of your life when it comes to advanced technology, and the Live Tech Support process is certainly no exception:

  1. A problem arises on a Live Tech client’s computer
  2. The client calls the Live Tech Premium Support phone line, informing them of the problem
  3. A certified Technician remotely and securely accesses the troubled computer and fixes the issues

The steps are that easy! And why shouldn’t they be for our Live Tech clients?

Where are NFCF Solutions support technicians located?

All of our technicians are located in the United States at our office in Chicago, Illinois. In fact, all Tech to Us employees works out of our Illinois office.

How long will it take to resolve my problem?

This varies depending on the nature and severity of the problem. A resolution of a basic issue may take as little as ten minutes, although most issues will take longer than that. More complex issues can feasibly take an hour or longer depending on a variety of factors. For example, malware removal takes on average anywhere from 2 – 3 hours to fully resolve. NFCF Solutions works as efficiently as possible to resolve issues and answer questions. We’ll be fast, but we will never sacrifice the quality of the work that we provide.

Will NFCF Solutions technicians visit my home?

NFCF Solutions only offers remote technical assistance via the phone or internet. Since over 95% of issues can be resolved remotely, the service is ideal for the vast majority of issues that may occur with your technology. For the other 5% of issues, we can still guide you toward a solution or act on your behalf to achieve a resolution.

for Now, we are not providing Home Visit Support but we will be very soon starting this service for our customers.


Do you still have more
questions? Send us!

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By nfcfsolutionsadmin
February 8th, 2017
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February 8th, 2017
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By nfcfsolutionsadmin
May 29th, 2017
I bought a new laptop. The technician easily loaded the software to it and removed the software from my old desktop.
Thomas BenjaminOur Customer
So Pleased to have NFCF Tech Support! The tech put in a great deal of effort to get my computer back up and running!
Thomas BenjaminOur Customer
My computer was running slowly and now it is as good as new. I enjoyed talking to the customer service lady too.
Thomas BenjaminOur Customer
My computer was slow and unresponsive. I believe there was a virus/spyware on my computer. NFCF TECH support helped me with my problem. It was fast. Thank you for your assistance.
Thomas BenjaminOur Customer
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